Interesting Facts on Penguins
Interesting Facts on Penguins by Gerry Albert


This comic page was inspired by a short story written by my boss’ daughter. I decided to illustrate it for my boss as a gift — a keepsake of his little girl’s cute little story. I opted to sketch it on a cellular sheet and inked with a ultra fine black sharpie marker. I then painted the cell using various acryllic paints. For the finishing touch, I put the completed image in a nice black frame and presented it to my boss as a Christmas gift. He was overjoyed. I received a phone call from him over the Christmas Holidays so that his daughter could call me and thank me personally for it. She loved it and was quite excited on the phone. It really made me feel good that I created something that brought such joy to some good people.

I enjoyed working on this last year. I wish I was more talented because I would love to work on newspaper strips or comic books for a living. But alas, that is not the case. In the 2 years that I have been operating my blog, I’ve focused a great deal of my energy on cutting new images or photo manipulations. Maybe I should start focusing on drawing again. What do you think?


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