In June of 2011, my wife Val and I went to Calgary to visit her sister Colette, nephew Jack, and brother-in-law Kent. It was a lovely trip and Alberta is mighty beautiful. As a parting gift, the gracious host family purchased a beautiful bedding set for the crib for our yet to be born baby (Val was just a few months into her pregnancy at the time). The bedding set had a cute animal motif. Inspired by the bedding, I decided that I wanted to paint some pictures to hang up in the baby’s room to compliment the set and also add a little bit of a personal touch to Kenleigh’s room. I managed to pull of three paintings seen at below and I named them – 1). Gerard the Giraffe – 2). Ella the Elephant and Friends – and 3). Bull Counting Sheep in the Barnyard. I’m quite fond of these paintings and my baby girl Kenleigh loves staring at them! The paintings were done on pre-fabricated canvas with acryllic paint.

Gordy the Giraffe

Ella the Elephant - Vinny the Vulture - Monty Monkey

Moooo Baaaah



The paintings below were also inspired by bedding – this time for my great-niece Kaia. I had just completed my three paintings for my daughter’s room, and I wanted to continue. With my Niece Sam’s baby shower approaching, I decided that I wanted to do something nice and surprise her with these pictures at the shower as a little extra gift from me to her for Kaia (wow, that was a mouthful – lol). Sam was overjoyed and hung the paintings up immediately. I felt really proud. The paintings were done on pre-fabricated canvas with acryllic paint.






When I was a kid, I had a neat little wooden block with my name on it that my older sister, Rita, made for me when she was at summer camp. I had it on my door for years as a nameplate. Eventually, I replaced it with other nameplates or signs that I made myself. When our good friends Fil and Sam told us that they were going to throw a birthday party for their little boy Tiago, I knew that I wanted to paint him his first nameplate for his room and I wrapped it up and gave it to him for his very first birthday. Below you’ll see the painting that I did for him. I tried to make it as bright and vibrant as he is. The painting was done on pre-fabricated canvas with acryllic paint.

Tiago nameplate by Gerry Albert - Acryllic Pain on Canvas


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