Lately, My Art Has Been Getting Me Through Some Tough Times

This past year (heck TWO YEARS!!) has been pretty hard on me. In fact, there’s been so much emotional roller-coaster duress in the past several months that I’ve scaled back to almost never with posting content on this blog. I’m sorry about that to my followers. With everything going on with me and my family this year (my wife lost her job and has had a tough time procuring gainful employment, my Mom moved out of my home because of tensions with the Missus and she’s falling apart from physical impairments, a falling out with my Sister and her family, and my overall career dissatisfaction) I have really delved into my art moreso than my writing. I’ve arranged for a little studio in my unfinished basement, and almost every evening after my Daughter has gone to bed I go down and work on some artistic endeavour. I posted about my massive Horror Movie Collage that took me almost 6 weeks to do in a previous post, but here are some of my other most recent pieces…

Drawings of my Daughter by Gerry Albert
Drawings of my Daughter by Gerry Albert

Here are two digital drawings I did of my little firecracker – my beautiful, playful, and smart daughter Kenleigh! The first pic on the left has her being playful wearing Daddy’s costume glasses, and the pic on the right is of Kenleigh and I walking through the park with her riding on my shoulders. My little girl is my whole world! – Total drawing time for both pics: 7 hours
Various Paintings by Gerry Albert
Various Paintings by Gerry Albert

Admittedly, I’m not the greatest painter. But I’ve been trying to get better at it. The pic on the left doesn’t show how large the painting actually is. It’s fairly big and I styled it after Mondrian. It was a birthday gift for my wife to hang up in the living room.
The middle painting had me experimenting with patterns and alternating colours. I was painting this one (it’s a small canvas) while my daughter was doing her own painting right next to me. I love Daddy – Daughter art time! The last image on the right I did up for my boss at work. I work in Radio and he’s my Manager. Seemed like a no-brainer to me. – Total drawing time for all three paintings: 16 hours
The Creeper by Gerry Albert - Clay Bust Sculpt
The Creeper by Gerry Albert – Clay Bust Sculpt

I suck at clay sculpting. But I thought that I would give it a try anyway. This was my attempt at DC Comics character “The Creeper”. – Total sculpting and painting time: 4 hours
Fun With Faces by Gerry Albert
Fun With Faces by Gerry Albert

I’ve been really working towards getting better and better drawing faces. Part of that is from practice, practice, practice. These are 4 such faces that I drew up recently – “Sleazy Music Producer”, “Crusty Old Man”, “Pensive Lisa”, and “Nervous Neddy” – Pen and Ink drawings. Total drawing time for all of these images: 6 hours
The Crew - Original Characters -  by Gerry Albert
The Crew – Original Characters – by Gerry Albert

Sci Fi Faces by Gerry Albert
Sci Fi Faces by Gerry Albert

Starjammer - Original Character by Gerry Albert
These last three drawings, “The Crew” – “Sci Fi Faces” and “Starjammer” above, are part of a larger story and concept of original characters that I am working on for a Space Epic story. There will be more to come on all of that in the future. – Total drawing time for all of these images: 7 hours
Some of you awesome fans and followers may recognize some of these works if you also follow me on Google+ or through my DeviantArt profile, as I have posted these in those locations as I made them. But it’s been awhile since I posted anything new to my blog, so I thought why not put a Lil’ gallery together and let everyone know what I have been upto for the last little while. I’m trying to keep a positive outlook on things and move forward, but it’s been very hard. Immersing myself in my art has definitely helped with keeping my head clear and I actually look forward to my new routine now. Lol.

I always welcome feedback and constructive criticism on my artwork. Please feel free to comment if you have any thoughts on these works. Until next time, thanks for dropping by!

~ Gerry!


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  1. burnsco says:

    Sorry to hear about your troubles Gerry. I noticed a while back that you left FB, if you come back on add me back. I enjoyed your various artistic ventures! I recently started customing some action figures – VERY fun and a great outlet when you need to turn off the outside world. Keep well.



    1. IMSTILLAKID says:

      Scott, Hey!! Yeah, I haven’t “Unfriended” anyone, I’ve just left Facebook. Someone really dropped a public personal information bomb on me there and I felt assassinated. Couldn’t stay there. But Man, I miss seeing your posts! I’m very active on Google+ – it’s more community there I find. I miss some FB peeps
      for sure, but even if I might, I’m
      not ready to yet. We had to turn down coming up to Arnprior this
      year. 😦



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