STAY-cation Painting: Re-charging the Creative Juices

Just before I went on Holidays from work the week of August 3rd, I was preparing for an evening part-time job try-out as a Paint Nite instructor by painting a couple of demo works for the two events I was to attend. Ultimately, I did not get the job but the experience re-awakened my inner Van Gogh and I spent the remainder of the week painting and drawing every day. My wife was still working her part-time gig all week and my daughter was in daycare as well, so I had the place to myself and no vehicle to go anywhere. So I spent my much deserved “Me” time by catching up on some delicious over-due Horror Film viewing, and doing some leisurely artwork. As I am very active on various social media platforms, most of these have been posted elsewhere already – like on Google+ or on my really awesome DeviantArt gallery page that I think EVERYONE should check out…(but I digress)…I would like to showcase them for you now here as well, and I would greatly appreciate any comments or feedback you might have. Traditionally, I’ve always been more of a cartoon-y sketch-artist and painting is still a relatively “new” practice for me — I’m still learning and testing myself, so I would love any and all constructive criticism.

"Toronto: August 14th, 2003" by Gerry Albert
“Toronto: August 14th, 2003” by Gerry Albert

“Toronto: August 14, 2003” by Gerry Albert

Acrylic on Canvas

This first painting is of my home-town of Toronto during the soon-to-be-12th Anniversary of the giant blackout from 2003 that turned the lights off on the entire eastern seaboard. I remember that evening like it was yesterday! I had to bike home from work that night, and saw similar silhouettes like this one. It wasn’t so much the blackout that freaked me out, so much as the next morning! Streetcars were left opened and abandoned on the roads. There was a deafening silence everywhere and there were no cars on the road. It felt as if the city was frozen in time. My cycle to work the next day felt like a scene out of Don McKellar’s “Last Night” (1998). It was nuts.

Well, normally there’s a spot near Cherry Beach (a magical place I spent much of my teens at) where you would normally see the entire city illuminated with bright lights. This is what I imagined that view to be on the evening of August 13th 2003.

"Islands of Morra" by Gerry Albert (Paint Nite Try-Out)
“Islands of Morra” by Gerry Albert (Paint Nite Try-Out)

“Islands of Morra” by Gerry Albert

Acrylic on Canvas

I believe these are the Islands of Morra but I’m not sure – this was my Paint Nite try out Audition. I believe these are islands from Ireland, but I’m not sure. I had to create a demo piece to try out to be a Paint Nite instructor. The original painting is by a gent names Ward Parker, a Paint Nite Master Painter. I didn’t get the job, so I guess this was not what they were looking for, but I had fun working on this painting any way.

“What’s Paint Nite?” :

"Summer Flowers A Buzzin'" by Gerry Albert
“Summer Flowers A Buzzin'” by Gerry Albert

“Summer Flowers A Buzzin'” by Gerry Albert

Acrylic on Canvas

One of the mornings during my STAYcation, I sat in my backyard around 9am and was enjoying an early morning vacation day “aperitif”. While I stared doe-eyed into space, I watched a bee hover over flowers in my garden for what seemed like and eternity. When I went back inside to work in my studio, I threw in a few Horror Flicks and spent the day painting this scene.

We often are too hurried to stop and take in the world around us. I enjoyed my moment connecting with nature. Looking forward to what the future inspires!

"Ocean Beauty" by Gerry Albert
“Ocean Beauty” by Gerry Albert

“Ocean Beauty” by Gerry Albert

Acrylic on Canvas

By Thursday, it was another Staycation day off with the house to myself so therefore I produced another painting while watching movies.
I always found the movement in Sharks to be so precise, yet graceful. From the bottom looking up, it must be a real marvel to witness them circling and jetting about with the light of the surface peaking through the top of the water.

Sun, sand, sea, surf…ahhhhh I wish I was at the ocean…well, except for the part about the sharks. Lol.

Flash and GL - by Gerry Albert
Flash and GL – by Gerry Albert

“Flash and GL” by Gerry Albert

Acrylic on Canvas

Next week is my 7 year old cousin’s birthday. It’s a superhero themed birthday party. His favourite superheroes (right now) are the Flash and Green Lantern. So I decided to make him a little painting as a gift.

"Hand Famwich" by Gerry - Val - Kenleigh Albert
“Hand Famwich” by Gerry – Val – Kenleigh Albert

“Hand Famwich” by Gerry – Val – Kenleigh Albert

Sunday. The last day of my Holiday so a little outdoor painting fun with my wife and 3 year old daughter was in order. Lots of fun! “Famwich” is an inside joke in my family, which I love to use as an expression. Lol.

"Don't Go In the House" by Gerry Albert
“Don’t Go In the House” by Gerry Albert

“DON’T GO IN THE HOUSE” by Gerry Albert

Pen Drawing in Sketchbook.

This picture has nothing to do with the 1979 movie of the same name, I just like the title.

I drew this picture while on the train home from my first day back to work. Yes, the STAYcation was over but I still had the creative motor running so I whipped this one out. I felt like doing a horror-themed sketch but I gave myself some challenges for this drawing:

a) Can only draw with 1 item (I chose a pen).
b) Use only stick-figure creatures / people.
c) Have both a visually conspicuous skull, and one that is subliminal.
d) Have something that represents at least 3 of the movies I watched last week — Dog Soldiers (2002), Dark Skies (2011), Psycho 2 (1982), and Return of the Living Dead (1985). Oh, and if you have a keen eye you just might find an Alfred Hitchcock cameo!

"The Real Monster Squad" by Gerry Albert
“The Real Monster Squad” by Gerry Albert

“The Real Monster Squad” by Gerry Albert

Pen Drawing in Sketchbook.

One of the movie I watched last week was the 80’s classic Monster Squad (1987), as well as a bunch of episodes of the Real Ghostbusters that my daughter has recently discovered, and it inspired me to draw up the Classic Universal Horror Movie Line Up tonight (left to right – Invisible Man, Mr. Hyde, Dracula, Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, and the Creature From the Black Lagoon). I think the Monster Squad concept should be revisited but have the classic Monsters band together to stop Chthulu and his Lovecraftian-alien monsters and save the world…so that THEY can destroy it! But ultimately they become heroes and fan-favourites as they really start halting Chthulu’s invasion. Or something like that. Lol. Fred Dekker. Shane Black…call me! Let’s get this made!

So that’s my STAYcation Art Gallery. I hope you enjoyed what you saw and as I said earlier, I would love any feedback. Have a great day folks~!


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