The 40 Club…So Far…

The 40 Club…so far…
There’s quite a few “old” pals turning 40 this year (myself included). So I wanted to do something special as gifts to my dear friends to commemorate this milestone in ageing. I wanted these gifts to be cost effective, unique to them, and something that highlights some of their likes or interests. So I created little mini – posters for a few of these friends as their birthdays approach (with more to come).

Bob at 40

Bob Willette was the first in my myriad mob of misfit miscreants to metamorphosis from 30-something to Middle-Aged (ha ha sorry buddy), his birthday is in January. In conjunction with a really cool Quentin Tarantino themed birthday party (Bob’s a Q.T. mega-fan), I crafted his poster to have a familiar feel as some of Tarantino’s classic films (right down to the Sam Jackson-like quaff).

Brad at 40

Brad Carpenter has an early March birthday. For quite a few years (before I got shacked up and moved out of Dodge) I used to chill at Brad’s for every single WWE Pay-per-view. Brad’s a Wrestling Superfan, so I knew that was the direction I had to go with his poster design.

Mark at 40

Mark Wilmot celebrates his b-day at the end of March. I have been friends with Mark for 30+ years. My affinity for comic books started because hitting the comic shops is what we did at 11 – 13 years old. We were each other’s Best Men at our respective weddings. Although meant to be a bit humorous in the drawing, the title of Incredible Mark is nothing but serious.

If my calculations are correct, my 40th birthday is next. I don’t think I’ll be doing one of these for myself (that seems a bit odd to me for some reason – lol) but I’m still looking forward to celebrating it in style!

There are quite a few others turning 40 this year that I will be doing this for. I look forward to it because I enjoy these. I like trying to infuse some of their personalities into the design, and I’ll tell ya — a few friends coming down the pipe are quite the personalities in their own rights — so I’m curious what I’m going to come up with!

**If you like what you see in my Artistic Style, and know of anybody celebrating a big Milestone Birthday or special event this year, why not have a One-of-A-Kind print made up by yours truly? I’d love to do it! MESSAGE ME PRIVATELY for details or if you have any questions at all!

Happy Friday Everyone!!


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