“Another Face in the Crowd”

"Another Face in the Crowd" by Gerry Albert
“Another Face in the Crowd” by Gerry Albert

This is my latest art piece, a digital illustration I like to call “Another Face in the Crowd”. The genesis of this idea, is essentially that I really like drawing different kinds of faces and facial expressions. This probably stems from my childhood affinity towards comic book artist Kevin Maguire’s talented approach at perfectly conveying facial expressions in his characters. Justice League was one of the first comic book titles that I first truly embraced in the infancy of my 30 year love affair with comics, waaaay back in 1987, and Maguire’s art style (along with the wonderful humorous tone the title adopted) were major reasons I loved the title so.

For this project I wanted to demonstrate both diversity, and also the feeling of being lost in the crowd, simultaneously. Each day, people from all walks of life battle with feelings of isolationism, being left out, passed over, misunderstood, ignored, alone, or irrelevant. Sometimes these feelings can get the better of people and often those feelings can manifest into outward expressions of distrust, or xenophobia, or exclusion. But the stark reality is that people of all shapes and sizes, race, colours and creeds, male or female, teen or senior, share those very same feelings. It’s not mutually exclusive. People are the walls, and the very foundation, that society is built upon. It’s not the walls we build together, but the walls we build between us, that distances a person from everyone else. Well, that’s my thinking on it at the very least.

Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it! Until next time, have a great day folks!


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  1. Hobbes Obodo says:

    This style gives me a 90’s cartoon feel. it also reminds me of the art style of Superjail even though the diversity you wanted to convey is definitely represented here. I like it. Also, nice explanation for the reason you did this peace btw.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Man! I’ll have to look up Superjail. I’m not familiar.


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